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Journey Women

 The Journey

Have you ever thought about being discipled or about being a part of discipling others? Discipleship is what The Journey is all about! Journey is not only learning and having more Bible knowledge. It’s not just about church activities and high commitment. It’s even more than evangelism.

Journey is a three year collection of weekly materials based on Reformed teachings by Randy Pope of Perimeter PCA in Atlanta, GA. Commitment is for one year at a time. There are units on: Gospel Living, Grace Commitments, Knowing God, Healthy Marriage, Biblical Worldview and God Honoring Parenting.

Each week your group discussion will be based on the acrostic T E A M S.
                                                                           T is for Truth- The Bible study for the week.
                                                                           E is for Equipping- Applying God’s Truth in a useable way.
                                                                           A is for Accountability- Exploring questions that promote Godly living.
                                                                           M is for Missions- Learning to engage the lost world in word and deed.

The Journey is for those who are new to Christianity (to be discipled) as well as those who have been in God’s family a long time (to be a part of discipling others).
Cost of being in a Journey group is approximately $50 for the first year. If you continue Journey the cost is approximately $30 per year.
There are separate groups for men and women.

We meet Thursday mornings in Pinewood's Grand Hall at 9:20 for large group fellowship, announcements and prayer. At 9:50 we head to our classrooms (TBA) for our study and small group time, ending at 11:30.

 Free children's classes are available for children 4 and under. Please contact Vicki Tita to register.

For more information on the study contact Betty Campbell   Let's Journey! ~ together!

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