World Missions

Pinewood’s overall focus in obeying Christ’s Great Commission is in planting new churches in our culture and around the world. God works through the local church. Local churches are the means to establishing a witness for Christ, evangelizing and training disciples of Jesus Christ, mercy ministry, and sending out Christian workers and missionaries. Thus, Pinewood’s focus is to multiply the ministry of Pinewood by:
  • Keeping the vision of the Great Commission alive and in front of the staff, members & friends of Pinewood
  • Raising up workers, sending workers, and supporting nationals to plant new churches;
  • Supporting church planting movements, including key national leaders, in sharing the Gospel with the lost both in our culture and in all the nations of the earth.
Our current focus for missions work in other countries and cultures is as follows:
  • Support of Church-planting movements led by Nationals in Northern Mexico, Ukraine, and Thailand. This support is multi-faceted and includes support of national church planters and leaders, MTW missionaries to help support these movements and partner with the nationals, and mercy ministries that validate the witness of the movement, such as street children ministry. The goal is for these movements to become self-sustaining and a missionary sending base to start new church planting movements.
  • Evangelism, discipleship, and church planting within the 10/40 window. We consider the 10/40 window a priority for sending workers. The 10/40 window represents the area of the world where most of the unreached peoples groups are located but only a small portion of Christian missionaries are working. In these areas, the goal is to participate in missions work that leads to national church planting movements.
Within our country, our current focus for missions work is as follows:
  • PCA church planting to reach our culture with the gospel and raise up other missionary sending churches
  • Evangelism and discipleship college campuses through Reformed University Ministries
  • Opportunities to reach internationals living in our culture, through ministries such as English Language Ministry and international student ministries.