Sunday Adult Classes

The vision of the Adult Ministries is to facilitate the making of mature disciples by providing Biblical study, practical training, and leadership development opportunities in a loving community context. Flowing out of the large group worship celebration, we desire to provide a real community environment. Our Sunday Adult Classes is the first installment of that community where learning takes place through choosing different biblical electives according to the person's present level of spiritual growth. 

Classes? A disciple is a learner. At Pinewood, our mission is to learn to Love God, Love One Another, Love the Church, and Love the World.” Salt has been used to season, to preserve, to create thirst, and for medicinal purposes. The Covenant of Salt represented the eternal covenant God has with His people. (II Chronicles 13:5)

In Sunday Classes you will learn:
  • Content: What God’s Word says. Learn from in-depth discussions with the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Fellowship: How God has worked in other people’s lives. Learn how to reinforce the application of God’s truth in your own life.
  • Application: How to use this foundational knowledge to help you make decisions and choices for your own life that are consistent with biblical doctrines and values.

Summer 2014 Classes