The vision of the Adult Ministries of Pinewood Presbyterian Church is to facilitate the making of mature disciples by providing Biblical study, practical training, and leadership development opportunities in a loving community context. Flowing out of the large group worship celebration, we desire to provide a real community environment.

Our Sunday School program is the first installment of that community where learning takes place through choosing different Biblical electives according to the person's present level of spiritual growth. To deepen the community environment we provide weekly small groups. In these cell groups people have the opportunity to explore and discover Scriptural truth in the context of unconditional love.

Discovering their spiritual gift enables each person is grow in service to the Lord as well as reach out to the lost. Within the small group structure, leadership development takes place as Assistant Small Group Leaders try their wings and train under their Small Group Leader. When ready, the opportunity to multiply by starting a new group occurs.  

Specialized evangelism training is also offered through Evangelism Explosion and other means.  Our goal is to multiply mature ministering multipliers who are able to disciple and train others to share their faith.